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Strength & Range of Motion with Aquatic Therapy

Posted on Sep 30 2020
Posted by: Dr. Manthan Gajjar

“Why you never miss your aquatic therapy session in your therapeutic pool?”

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Osteoporosis: Break the silence!

Posted on Sep 16 2020
Posted by: Dr.Yojana Mange(PT)

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Aquatic therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

Posted on Sep 04 2020
Posted by: Dr Brinda Merchant(PT)

What is Stroke? Stroke refers to a condition caused by interruption of blood supply to the

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Aquatic Therapy to Ease Your Arthritic Knee Pain.

Posted on Aug 24 2020
Posted by: Dr Firdaus Shaikh

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis with an overall prevalence of 22% to 39% in India.

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Aquatic Therapy for Treatment of persons with Cerebral Palsy

Posted on Aug 04 2020
Posted by: Dr Brinda Merchant

As the adage goes“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. Importance of water is

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation: What to Expect

Posted on Aug 03 2020
Posted by: Dr Binal Dave

Many people who are recommended to participate in pelvic floor physical therapy have a lot of questions.

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