Frequently Asked Questions


How long will a physiotherapy session last?

The first Consultation with a Physiotherapists will last 45 mins, approximitely. In this duration, our physiotherapists will assess you thoroughly, after which they will provide you a brief of what is causing the pain/ injury and the treatment required.

Can I come in for a session after a meal?

It’s best to not come in for a physiotherapy session immediately after a heavy meal (e.g. Lunch), because post-meal most of the blood supply of the body is redirected towards the digestive system.

How often do I need to see my physiotherapist?

It differs from client to client. Post your first consultation, our physiotherapists will give you a guideline for how you need to plan your sessions. Ideally it is good to have a physiotherapy session 2-3 times a week, with a minimum gap of 24-30 hrs between two sessions for your body to recuperate from the after-effects of the previous session.

Do I need to take an appointment or can I come directly?

Our Physiotherapist’s schedules are planned around pre-booked appointments so it is advisable for you to pre-book your appointments.

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How is the therapy conducted?

In most case, the recovery is delivered through unisex group therapies. However, based on your needs, individual therapies are also offered. Special groups for children needs are conducted separately.

Does the facility cater to specially-abled persons?

Yes. The centre is wheelchair-friendly. We have a hydraulic lift near the pool area, which will help patients get in and out of the pool.

I have unique needs. How will you cater to me?

We cater to various specialized cases. If you have unique needs, please reach out to our center manager who will help you choose the right program for you.

Is there an age restriction?

Age is not a restriction for aqua therapy. Anyone, including children and senior citizens can benefit from it.

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Aqua Physiotherapy

Do I need to know swimming?

No. She or he will be supervised at all times in the water. Exercises can be performed standing in the water.

Do I need to carry a swimming costume?

For aquatic therapy, you will need to carry a swimsuit based on the guidelines provided by us.

Is the pool safe?

The pool is equipped with a hoist machine which will help move you in and out of the pool safely.
The pool is of a suitable height that can let an average person can walk around. Services will always be performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

What are the hygiene standards maintained at the pool?

We follow international standards of hygiene like SPATA, ISPE, PWTAG. There are strict rules in place to maintain the hygiene of the pool. No patients with open wounds, fever, infections, contagious skin diseases are allowed.

Can I come alone?

The centre is well equipped to take care of anyone requiring light-to- heavy assistance. We offer qualified medical assistants to assist you with your needs.

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